What are the Benefits Dog Grooming, Regularly?

A Professional Talking About The Benefits of Dog Grooming

What the benefits of dog grooming? First of all, Furry Land has long list of reasons that your pet must be groomed regularly. The reasons range from hygiene to preventing allergic reactions to safety and the list goes on. I want to illustrate one of the most important reasons that I find resonates with everyone.

The more often your pet is groomed, the happier your pet is.

Most humans bathe every day or every other day because we have a desire to stay clean and healthy. We’re completely used to the process and therefore it has become a nice routine for us. When we humans go longer than we’re used to without bathing we start to get that feeling. You know the feeling I’m talking about. That gross, grime, need a bath, type feeling. Once you have that feeling and you finally do bathe, you find yourself feeling fantastic. You’re clean, you’re crisp, you’re sharp, you’re also confident. You feel like giving that person next to you a hug.

As someone who grooms dozens of pets per day, I can tell you, your pets feel the exact same way! Once they’re clean and clear, the happiness resonates out of them. They feel confident and most of all happy. It brings joy to me to see that happen, and more importantly, it brings joy to them.

Benefits of Dog Grooming? Consistency is Key

There’s one thing that I do notice, that I want to share with everyone is that if your pet doesn’t get the treatment regularly, it becomes more of an ordeal for them. The pets are not used to seeing me. They’re not used to being in the tub and also, they’re not used to having their nails clipped or trimmed. Consequently, I spend my time soothing our pets, letting them know that it’s okay and they won’t be hurt and ultimately I can make them comfortable. However, the more regularly I see them, the happier and more excited they are through the process. They come and lick my face or scratch up against me. They become more agreeable to lifting their paws for the nails and they enjoy the expereince more. This comes with routine.

How Often Should It Be Done?

Some pet owners I work with groom their pets 3 times per week, but many I see every 4 - 8 weeks, too. The process is so much easier for everyone and the pets love seeing me more and more. My co-workers and I try to make the process as close to a spa at Ceasars Palace as possible. Also, the longer gap in between, the more labor intensive the process becomes on the animals.

If your dog sheds quite a bit such as German Shepherds, Chow Chows, Labs, or Golden Retrievers (to name a few) I find they loved to be professionally brushed out about once a month. That allows for their coats to be fresh, and shedding to be kept o a minimum. You would be amazed at what we see inside the vans. stacks of hair half an inch deep, covering the entire van! Better my van than your house :)

It’s no wonder that the more frequently your pets are groomed the happier and healthier they are.

There are a lot of resources out there that get into detail about benefits of dog grooming. Happiness and health are ultimately what it boils down to.

Furry Land Staff

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