Mobile Pet Grooming Services

A Complete Pet Salon on Wheels!

What is Mobile Grooming?

Have you ever wished there was a pet groomer near you? Our state of the art mobile grooming salons have all of the amenities of a brick and mortar groomer, at the convenience of your front door. No more loading your pet into a vehicle. Dropping them off to a stranger, who places them in a cage while they anxiously wait their turn in an assembly line grooming process. All of this while you are forced to wait by the phone to be told when to pick up your furry family member. At Furry Land we come to your pet’s driveway! We provide your precious prince, or princess, with the one on one attention and pampering they deserve.

Why Choose Mobile Grooming?

Struggling to find time to bring your pet to the groomers? Why not have the groomer come to you instead! Mobile grooming offers:

  • Convenience – we come to you!
  • One on One Care – Your pet gets the full attention of the groomer at all times and isn’t exposed to any other pets
  • Cage Free Environment – You pet won’t be drip drying in a cage
  • No Travel Needed – great for senior pets and pets who don’t enjoy car rides
  • No Hookups Needed – We supply the warm water and electricity, and do not need to connect to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need access to water or electricity?
No need to use your water or electricity.
How Long Does Grooming Take?
Grooming times vary on the size of dog and coat condition, but average 60-90 minutes per pet.
Do You Use Warm Water?
Animals' temperatures run warmer than humans so we use very warm water when washing your pet. We ask that for your pet's safety as well as our groomer's that only the groomer and your pet are allowed inside the van during the service.
Can You Use My Specific Shampoo?
If you have your own shampoo that you would prefer we use, we are happy to do so.
How Far in Advance do I Need to Book?
Appointments fill up quickly. We suggest booking an appointment as soon as possible. You can reschedule an appointment free of charge within 48 hours of the service.
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Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Regular dog grooming offers numerous health benefits for your furry companion. Beyond maintaining a sleek and tidy appearance, grooming plays a vital role in preventing skin issues such as matting and hot spots, which can lead to discomfort and infection. Brushing your dog’s coat removes dirt, dead hair, and distributes natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shinier coat. Trimming nails regularly not only prevents painful overgrowth but also reduces the risk of joint issues and paw injuries. Cleaning ears and teeth during grooming sessions helps prevent infections and dental problems, safeguarding your dog’s overall well-being. Moreover, grooming sessions provide an opportunity to check for any abnormalities or parasites, allowing for early detection and treatment of potential health issues. Overall, regular grooming isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial aspect of maintaining your dog’s health and happiness.

Mobile Cat Grooming Service

Regular grooming for your feline friend offers a myriad of health benefits that go beyond just keeping their fur sleek and clean. Brushing your cat’s coat removes loose fur, dirt, and debris, which can help prevent matting and reduce the risk of hairballs, a common issue in cats. Additionally, grooming stimulates the production of natural oils in the skin, promoting a healthy and shiny coat while also improving circulation. Trimming your cat’s nails regularly not only prevents them from becoming overgrown and causing discomfort but also reduces the likelihood of scratches and injuries, both for your cat and for you. Grooming sessions also provide an opportunity to check for any lumps, bumps, or abnormalities in your cat’s skin, allowing for early detection of potential health issues. Furthermore, cleaning your cat’s ears and teeth during grooming helps prevent infections and dental problems, contributing to their overall well-being. Ultimately, regular grooming is an essential part of maintaining your cat’s health and enhancing their quality of life.